Immersive Media
HUW 160
Fall 1, 2018
Sarada Rauch

Dominika Ksel

ray ferreira


First VR Project in Premiere:

- At least 1:30 to 2:00 minutes
- Theme: Your perspective on a Current Event
- Test it out with classmates using the class goggles, take notes on their experience and change things accordingly
- When it's due, upload it to Vimeo and put the link on Blackboard


Due October 2nd:

Below are the assignments we went over after our visit to the Sculpture Center.

1) Blog response: Post two of your favorite images or videos using the lenses. Please make sure to talk about your experience in detail. Here are some examples of questions you may ask yourself: How did the lens through which you viewed the art work reframe or re-contextualize the work? Describe how this transformation changed the meaning of the art work to you? What does experiencing the world through different lens do to your understanding of things you view? Please write 5-8 sentences exploring and elaborating on your experiences using the various lens. The above are only examples, this is a good opportunity to come up with your own examples and questions. There are no right or wrong answers.

2) Create a design for your lens! Use photoshop, illustrator, or any software you wish. Here is a link to pixlr, a free photo editing software Remember to include directions on your lens or on a separate sheet to go with the lens.

3) Build Your Own Perceptual Devices! Create your goggles using the sunglasses frames. Let your imagination run wild explore different materials, test it out on your friends and family to get feedback, do research to see what's been done and how optics, illusion and perception work! Below are a couple links to get you started but there are dozens all over the web.


Complete a Second Life blog post each week.
We will be sending a prompt question to answer for each week